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Simple fresh cheese recipe

I'm all about simple and easy and this is simple and easy! You can use cows milk instead of goats milk. I use goats milk because that's what I have.

In this example, I added herbs to compliment what I'll be using this for, but to make an everyday, use for anything cheese, you can just omit adding herbs.

This can be cut, melted, frozen... seriously, this is such a great cheese to make and have on hand!

How to make this easy cheese:

8 cups milk ( I used raw goats milk) I don't know how ultra pasteurized milk works for this

3 Tbls white vinegar

1 tsp salt

2 Tbls herbs, optional

  • Heat the milk just to boil, turn off heat.

  • Add the vinegar

  • The separation is pretty neat looking and you can gently mix it around so that a good separation of curds and whey happens.

  • Let that sit for 5 minutes while you get the cheesecloth draped over a colander. I set the colander over a small bucket because I have pigs and chickens that will appreciate that I save this for them! But if you don't want to save it, just position in the sink.

  • Have your herbs and salt ready if you are using them

  • SLOWLY pour the whey and curds into the cheese cloth.

  • This is the time to mix in the herbs and salt if you are using them. It's still soft and mixable.

  • Arrange the cheese cloth to cover the curds into a ballish shape and gently tie it.

  • Find somewhere to hang it to drip and drain for several hours. I set the alarm on my phone for 2 hours but it's fine for 4. Nothing terrible happens. In fact it gets firmer.

  • Store it in the fridge for about a week. Or freeze it..

  • It also melts nicely! It's the perfect simple cheese that you can make yourself in very little time!

See? Simple, easy and super delicious! I'm going to use this batch on homemade pizza!

Please share your herb combos! I need more ideas!

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