PBP, Arizona 

Stuff is awesome, I've used other home mades and felt like I had extra skin... every one of the soaps I've gotten from you have been extremely refreshing...job well done! 

Debbie, Texas 

Your bundles are the best! 

Kristi, Texas

Secret Garden...SO rich & creamy lather and my skin feels amazing! 

Sandy, Texas 

My 9 year old granddaughter loves Tutti Fruity and I like keeping extra soap on hand to give as gifts. 

Rita, Texas 

I love all your soaps! 

Jessica, Texas 

So pretty! And the best soaps ever! 

Joel, Austin, Tx 

I use my bar regularly for washing my face and it's pretty much the best! I have a roster of nice products from Glow Recipe, Kiehls, and Orgin, and this stands with all of them! Incredible soap and amazing on the skin! 

Julie, Brownwood, Tx 

I absolutely love your Patchouli & Lavender soap! The fragrance is lovely and the soap leaves my too sensitive skin moisturized Winter and Summer. 

And the Healing Balm is now part of my 'cant live without' daily routine. I love it for burns and cuts; however, the best use for me is for patches of eczema. It softens and reduces the redness in them. I love it!! Thank you for creating wonderful products! 

Krisit, Eastland, Tx 

Found a new fav!! Secret Garden!!  It's SO rich & creamy lathery and my skin feels AMAZING!