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This soap is such a pretty, moisturizing and long lasting bar. The smell is so clean and the color is exactly like the pretty yellow cactus flowers!

Cactus Flower soap is made with tallow from West Texas Beef Company, goats milk from our farm and the same wonderful ingredients found in our other soaps.

Why tallow? Tallow is PACKED with nutrients and is easy for our skin to absorb, locking in moisture without clogging pores. Tallow soaps give our skin the nutrients to heal itself and the natural oil to retain moisture and nutrients. Tallow also makes the soap SUPER hard and long lasting!!

Why goats milk? Goats milk is naturally homogenized, meaning the cream does not separate, so the milk is full of good fats which creates a super silky moisturizer to help your skin with extra hydration.

Now that you know those fun facts, you can see why it's such a fabulous idea to combine them into bar of soap!

Keep an eye out for the tallow Leather soap to be back in stock very soon as well!

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