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All About Solid Dish Soap

Updated: Mar 6

I get asked every week about solid dish soap! Many people have never heard of it and then immediately ask how to use it!

If your entire life has been with liquid dish soap, then you are not alone! It took me a few years to wrap my head around solid dish soap originally!

This stuff is handy! I actually have one solid dish soap and a softer brush in the laundry room because this is a powerful stain remover! I also use it to wash tennis shoes, ball caps, my apple watch bands...

And of course in the kitchen this stuff is a work horse! I use it to scrub the stove top, I even used it inside the oven after the cobbler bubbled over. I use it for cleaning skillets, the counter tops, the sink and of course the dishes!

It just does a great job and once you are use to creating the lather that you need or want, it's not anymore effort then the liquid soap.

If you are looking for a more natural alternative and attempting to reduce waste, such as plastic bottles, this is a great option! One soap disk can easily replace 1-2 bottles of liquid dish soap. It really depends on how much liquid soap you normally use.

I don't have a dishwasher, so I don't know how that would work out... I only have tested this with hand washing the dishes.

Currently we have unscented and Lemongrass scented dish soap in stock. They are available as a 3 pack of refills ( 5.5 oz each) or as a starter kit with the ramekin and stiff pot scrubbing brush.

If you have never tried solid dish soap and are ready to jump in, click one the buttons and get yours today and let me know what you think of it! I'm so excited for you to try it!

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