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4 Ways to Deal with Dry Winter Skin - Updated 01/05/24

Updated: Jan 5

We have had a few cold days and freezing nights! I always say that we get winter for a few days at a time! But it still counts!

No matter where you are, when we heat our homes, no matter the source... electric, gas, wood... it zaps what moisture we do have in the air. When you are in a dry climate to begin with... that makes situations quite drying. You'll start getting static everywhere, your skin will feel tight and you may also experience cracked skin on your fingers... that is SO PAINFUL!

AND If you are a lover of the outdoors or spend much time outdoors during the winter, you probably struggle with dry, cracked hands and lips! And we have added LIP BALM to our all the time products and it is pretty amazing! It's made with the same herbal infused olive oil that is used for both healing balms + lanolin! You will be preventing and healing your lips! You can see those here.

Prevention is always the best for natural methods, but start where you are and be prepared forever!


Humidifiers, water on the stove top, wood stove and even on the top of gas heaters! You'll be amazed at how quickly the water evaporates into the air!

Keep it up and you will notice the difference in both your skin and your nasal passages!

Check out these Simmer Pot Recipes!


I don't know if we ever consume enough water anyways, but bump it up! It's excellent for your skin, organs and overall health!


Most commercial soaps have added chemicals that negatively affect the skin.

Using a handmade, moisturizing bar of goats milk soap is going to be far superior for your skin then a commercial bar.

Goats milk adds so much moisture to the soap. It contains vitamins, minerals, cream and alpha hydroxy oils; all which add moisture and protection to your skin.

Another GREAT skin help is a coffee scrub! A scrub is wonderful to exfoliate and remove the dead dry skin to allow moisture to get right to the skin!

Here is my coffee scrub recipe and I just recently used Peppermint Mocha coffee grounds and WOW!! I really loved it for this recipe!


Tom, Brady, Tx - "My heels are always so dry, but recently they cracked and were SO PAINFUL! I used the Tallow Healing Balm, melting a small amount and applying to my heels, filling the deep cracks with the melted tallow balm. I did this 2x a day and on the 2nd day, they were incredibly better and just continued healing. I'm planning to keep applying the balm every morning before putting on socks to get completely past the dryness."



If your hands suffer with dryness and cracking in the winter, I challenge you to try washing your hands only with handmade goats milk soaps and use herbal Healing Balm on any cracks or extra dry spots, as well as chapped/cracked lips!

This really is the everything skin balm! It helps with so many little issues! It's made with wonderful skin healing herbs infused into olive oil and solidified with beeswax, which helps to hold that moisture in your skin.

BRAND NEW ADDITION: Tallow Healing Balm and Baby Healing Balm. These are the same, just a different name.

The recipe is the same healing herbal infused Olive Oil as above, but with also Tallow added. I think it really pushes the healing balm over the top! The balm is a bit stiffer, but still manageable! I keep a jar of this in the barn for injuries because my dairy goats are prone to cuts and scratches. I love how fast wounds heal with either of the healing balms!

If you are curious about the ingredients of the healing balm, check out this quick read for the breakdown of the ingredients. click here and ingredients for the tallow balm here.

I hope these tips will bring you relief or keep you from ever needing relief!

Thanks for being here,

Evelyn Jane

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