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Easy but Amazing Coffee Scrub Recipe

If you are dealing with dry skin this winter, you may really love this! It's important to use a scrub to remove dead skin so that moisturizing goodness can do it's job when applied!

I use this a few times a week in the shower and it's a bit messy to be honest, which is why I created the coffee scrub soap bar, but I'm a bit behind on some of those things, so I'm back to this scrub. It works AMAZINGLY and it's worth the clean up afterwards.

I do my traditional shower first, using soap, washing my hair, etc. THEN I use this scrub because the coffee and sugar removes the dead skin and the oil remains on your skin and you will LOVE IT! It feels so wonderful!

Lets talk about the ingredients real quick!

  • Coffee Grounds Fresh or used. I love having another use for used grounds!

  • Sugar Use raw or white. But not brown sugar. I use raw and it's a bit bigger granules but it dissolves in use and it's not a big deal. Use what you have.

  • Oil This one is going to depend a lot on what you want, have on hand or need. Let me list a few and the why to use them:

Sunflower Oil: Highly absorbent and non-comedogenic

Offers antioxidants such as Vit E to help prevent wrinkles

Helps heal wounds faster then without

VERY affordable on the baking aisle in the grocery store

Avocado Oil: Calms itchy skin

Heals chapped skin

Replenishes dry skin

Hydrate and moisturize skin

Affordable on the baking aisle in the grocery store

Those are my favorites, but there's not a single issue of using Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil or Sweet Almond Oil in the scrub either. Your skin is going to appreciate whatever you choose.

Now for the recipe:

Please forward or share with a friend if you think they'd enjoy this recipe!

If you try the recipe and love it, please let me know!

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