Raw Milk Yogurt 

This is super easy and worth the effort and you can use whatever raw milk you have. Cow, goat, sheep... probably even camel! I haven't tried with  sheep or camel, but with cow and goat milk, it's fabulous! 

A bit of a warning. If you don't set the timer for 20 minutes to drain, it gets a strange texture but is still delicious. BUT if you are feeding this to men or children, you know it better not ever vary! HAHAHA!! 

1 quart makes 2 cups of yogurt which is great for the first try to make sure you like it! 

Half gallon makes a pint size jar full

Here's the list of ingredients and supplies needed:

  • raw milk or super great quality milk 

  • liquid rennet

  • good quality whole fat, nothing added yogurt or some of the last batch you made

  • a heavy pot

  • a strainer and cloth such as a clean thin dish towel, cheesecloth, linen... 

  • a thermometer of some type

I'm going to give the instructions for 1 quart of milk, but you can just double, etc.  (4 quarts is a gallon)


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