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Promote Wellness in the Chicken House

Let’s talk wellness for your feathered farm friends, shall we?


The best way for natural health to be effective is PREVENTION. Prevent illness by good nutrition and support immune systems to be able to ward off any illness that may come along. This goes for humans, goats… everyone.

I do not recommend ingesting any essential oils unless you KNOW without any doubt that they are 10000% pure and offer some backup to that. I only use Young Living because they offer a SEED TO SEAL promise. They also remain to be transparent in their production, from seed to seal. You can literally pop in and look around.  They have nothing to hide.  Y’all, that’s where these essential oils and supplements come from.

I sell a lot of fresh eggs, so I have people coming around a lot! If I’m not practicing what I’m preaching, it will take no time to be discovered! That is the very same thing that would happen if Young Living farms were not operating as they say. Or if they weren’t harvesting the way they claim, etc.  I’m sure they aren’t perfect, but so far, I haven’t found another company that I want to promote and invest in.


So chickens and other fowl weigh nothing compared to a human and many essential oils need to be diluted for our use, so be sure you dilute for the chickens.

I have chickens, ducks and geese that all share multiple water containers, so they are all  treated the same. I realize many people think that it’s important to keep things seperately but I’ve never run into any problems.

Ways to use: topically (1 drop eo: 5 drops carrier oil) and internally. You could diffuse if you have the set up for it. I just haven’t figured out how to create a safe place for a diffuser in their house YET.

Here are some of my most favored oils for farm use:

Oregano : Provides amazing immune enhancing benefits ~ Used as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent ~ Supports healthy digestion and respiratory function ~ Excellent source of antioxidants ~ Research shows that these are thought to be able to fight off coccidia, almonella, bronchitis, avian flu, blackhead, E coli.  2 drops per gallon of water for boosting immune systems. Increase by 1-2 drops if treating for illness. 

Thieves: Blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary essential oils.  Supports the immune system ~ Supports the respiratory system ~ Supports oral health ~ Supports digestive health ~ Supports healthy skin and feathers ~ Purifies the air when diffused.  3 drops per gallon of water for boosting immune systems. 

Tea Tree: Powerful antimicrobial properties ~ can kill off bad bacteria anywhere. May treat and assist BRUMBLE FOOT and SOUR CROP also. Use with Frankincense and Lavender for open wounds. Dilute!!! 1 part essential oils to 5parts carrier oils. EXAMPLE: 1 drop tea tree, 1 drop Frankincense, 1 part Lavender with 15 drops of carrier oil. 

Lavender: Lowers stress~ Improves calm rest ~ promotes tissue regeneration which speeds up healing ~ Provides respiratory support ~ Supports skin health during stress ~ soothes minor skin irritations ~ calms and relaxes ~ supports healthy emotions ( seriously, every hen needs this) ~ enhance blood circulation.

Rosemary: Wards off insects ~ Promotes respiratory health ~ Promotes hair and feather growth ~ Provides digestive support ~ Promotes oral health.

Lemongrass: Repels flying insects ~ Supports healthy digestive system ~ Supports overall well being.

Peppermint: Supports digestive system in every way ~ Supports respiratory health ~ Repels insects and parasites.  Use on bottoms of feet if wheezy.

Fennel: Stimulates and supports egg laying ~ Promotes good gut and digestive health ~ Promotes respiratory health ~ Promotes wound healing ~ Removes and repels parasites. 4 drops per gallon of water to support egg laying.


Thieves Household Cleaner: dilute 1-2 cap fulls to a spray bottle of water, shake well and use to clean EVERYTHING. Cages, roosts, nesting boxes, water containers, feeders and hear this: IT’S PLANT BASED and works AMAZINGLY on open wounds and aids in the blood clotting on all animals.

Use wisdom for big injuries and know when it’s way over your head and call the vet.

Insect Repellent Spray:                                                                                                                       In an 8 oz spray bottle:                                                                                                                        20 drops Purification                                                                                                                            10 drops Lavender                                                                                                                                10 drops Lemongrass                                                                                                                            10 drops Peppermint                                                                                                                           10 drops Cedarwood

fill the bottle with distilled water, shake well.                                                                                            ** if you are going to use a diffuser, just use 2 drops of each eo. 

  1. If you are NOT already a wholesale member with Young Living, you can join my team and not only get wholesale pricing, but you will be added to a private Facebook group and have the most amazing amount of education and information at your fingertips!

  2. there is never any requirement to sell anything! You just need to spend $50 per YEAR to keep your wholesale membership open. Y’all, that’s simple!

Here’s the link to join:

Here are the price comparison’s for the essential oils that I mentioned:

Oregano:  Retail: $37.50  Wholesale: $28.50

Thieves: Retail: $45.72  Wholesale: $34.75

Tea Tree: Retail: $45.72 Wholesale: $26.75

Lavender: Retail: $31.91 Wholesale: $24.25

Rosemary: Retail: $21.05 Wholesale: $16.00

Lemongrass: Retail: $15.13 Wholesale: $11.50

Peppermint: Retail: $28.95 Wholesale: $22.00

Fennel: Retail: $23.36 Wholesale: $17.75

Purification: Retail: $20.72 Wholesale: $15.75

Thieves Household Cleaner:                                                                                                                            *14 oz (makes 22 spray bottles) Retail: $29.61 Wholesale: $22.00                                               *64 oz Retail: 115.46 Wholesale: $87.75

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