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Using Essential Oils with Dogs!

steve feeling defeated

Last week, my best man, Steve, my dog, got into a bit of a confrontation with two very large dogs. He is 11 in human years and he forgets that at times!

I carried him home, pride and all. Poor guy.

I immediately got a large bowl of warm water and lavender essential oil to clean him up. I also put Frankincense on two of his feet to help with trauma and shock. I don’t know about you, but if I just got tossed around by two large dogs, I may have some trauma going on!

I did take Steve to the vet for stitches and they kept him to keep fluids going and let a few wounds drain, but he recovered within a few days!

Here’s a few essential oils to keep on hand for your best friend!


  1. helps to relieve allergies

  2. helps to stop minor bleeding

  3. helps soothe bites and stings

  4. relief from anxiety (separation, fear, phobia)

  5. hot spots

  6. aggression

  7. really too many to list here…


  1. aids in trauma

  2. can assist with IBS

  3. relieves pain

  4. helps with obedience training (for kids too!)

  5. can assist with seizures

  6. submissive urination relief

  7. aggression

  8. still so many more…


  1. for use on tick bites to prevent further issues

  2. helps with anything viral

  3. helps to fight hot spots

  4. part of a regimen for kennel cough

  5. part of a regimen for ring worm

  6. again, a lot more


  1. dental health

  2. tummy troubles

  3. allergies

  4. lack of appetite

  5. digestive issues

  6. parasites

  7. fever

  8. too many to list!

All the above are oils that I make darn sure that I’m not without either. They work for humans as well as for dogs! If you’re barking.. you may need other help! hahaha!

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If this information is useful to you, please share it with others!

If you are local to me, please come to a class that I’m hosting about Using Essential Oils on Dogs! Here’s the link to that!

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