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What Can You Use Lemongrass Essential Oil For?

Just when I think I know a lot about an essential oil or herb… I trip over some more mind blowing information!

Just to cover my booty and remind you that I’M NOT A DOCTOR and I’m not saying that this will work or won’t work or do this or that. I’m going off either information from a reliable source or personal experience.

I’ve been making Lemongrass soap for many years because I love the smell. Men love the smell. More men buy Lemongrass soap from me then women. It’s true. 


I honestly didn’t realize the VALUE of Lemongrass until recently! Let me share:

First, let me tell you how I’m using it EVERY DAY right now. Normally, we don’t have mosquitoes, but we’ve had some amazing rains and the mosquitoes are BIG and serious. I used a small spray bottle and filled it with witch hazel and filtered water in equal parts and then about 30 drops of lemongrass and shake before use and IT WORKS SO WELL. I was outside for about 4 hours in grass and under trees and such with no bites! I’ll never use something else. It smells good and I’m not covered in poison. And it works.

Let me tell you what else makes this essential oil SUPER AMAZING: (taken from Life Science Essential Oils Desk Reference)

  1. Anti-fungal

  2. Antibacterial

  3. Anti-parasitic

  4. Anti-inflammatory

  5. Regenerates connective tissues and ligaments

  6. Dilates blood vessels

  7. Improves circulation

  8. Promotes lymph flow

  9. Anticancerous

  10. Several research articles document strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of lemongrass. Worth looking up.

Reading all that EXCITES me! I love how powerful that makes a simple bar of soap!


  1. Bladder infection

  2. Respiratory/sinus infection

  3. Digestive problems

  4. Parasites

  5. Torn ligaments/muscles

  6. Fluid retention

  7. Varicose veins

  8. Salmonella

  9. Candida

  10. Add a few drops to the sink of dishes for super cleaning and for amazing smell!

Do you have any questions about Lemongrass or any others?

Any tips or suggestions?? I wanna hear more!

This is where I get my essential oils.

To read more about Lemongrass and for pricing:

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