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Beef Tallow and skincare

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I am so excited about this new adventure of tallow in my life. I've had tallow before, used some tallow, but never ever made soap with tallow!

I joined up with the amazing family at West Texas Beef Company for beef fat to render into tallow to add to my soap.

You may be asking what in the world is tallow and why are you excited about this? Let me explain! Be sure to read this with a super excited tone...

Tallow is simply beef fat that is slowly cooked down into a liquid. Like melting. Then it's strained into a container for storage. Some people do this in water, some do it twice... it's really personal preference. But it is a simple process that has been done since beef was being processed for food.

My friend Caren shows how to render beef tallow here!

Left: hot and in liquid form

Right: cool and solid form

Tallow has some wonderful nutrients in it that can make skin so very happy, such as :

  • *Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has anti-inflammatory properties

  • *Minerals

  • *Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and B12 (source)

Tallow is simply amazing in skincare! Its very exciting to have tallow and goats milk in the same soap!

In soap, tallow makes an incredibly hard bar of soap, meaning it will last longer in the shower or where ever it gets wet. It also creates a wonderful, creamy lather that is full of those nutrients that are listed above!

This particular beef fat is from grass fed and finished beef! This family is well known for their amazing meats, so if you don't know this beef, you should find out where they will be next with beef so you can try it.

Have you used any tallow skincare products before? I'd love to know about your experiences!

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Caren Rueffer
Caren Rueffer
30 ene 2021

Your rendered tallow is beautiful. I look forward to trying your cactus flower tallow soap. 'Hello Tallow' podcast is one of my favorites from Weston A. Price.

Me gusta
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