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Prepare a wondeful calming herbal bath for your little one with our herbal bath tea. Nothing but wondeful, organic herbs for soaking! You may want to prepare a larger bath to share with the baby!


Prepare for rest afterwards!


Handmade in small batches

Completely natural

Each jar is enough for 6-8 baby baths

Baby Herbal Bath Tea

    • Organice Chamomile Flowers
    • Organice Calendula Flowers
    • Organic Rose Petals
    • Organic Lavender Flowers
    • Fill the enclosed reusable tea bag with Baby Herbal Bath Tea
    • Fill the basin or bath tub with very warm water
    • Add the tea bag of bath tea
    • Allow to 'steep' until the perfect temp for baby
    • After using the tea bag, dump contents into compost or trash, turn the bag inside out and rinse. Allow to dry for next bath use.
    • Allow baby to soak for at least 10 minutes for relaxation and calming
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