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Who The Heck Needs Balance??

You might remember from a recent past post that I didn’t even realize hormones were more then PMS… so everything is WOW to me!

And I can’t help but wonder if there was anyone tortured during all those years of not realizing that hormones get all wonky…

But no reason for anyone to get all wonky! This can help promote balance and who the heck doesn’t need balance?

FemiGen is a natural phytoestrogen supplement that has all the outstanding benefits of

  1. wild yam benefits include supporting womens needs

  2. dong quai of often referred to as ‘the female ginseng’ for it’s harmonizing qualities

  3. black cohosh benefits have included decreasing cortisol levels

  4. blue cohosh has been used to uplift attitude during PMS

Also inclues are FENNEL, CLARY SAGE, SAGE and YLANG YLAND essential oils.

To read more:


agil ease

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