Toxic Free Home Mini Class


Do you have that app for your phone called Think Dirty? I do and I thought I was doing really great at keeping toxins and well, just crappy stuff out of my home. N


OPE. BIG FAT FAIL. My shampoo and conditioner rated a 7 out of 10. Laundry soap rated a 7. I was pretty disappointed. But yet, I also wasn’t super surprised.

**please take note: I’m learning with you. I sure don’t know everything. I have to research and hunt down information to share. I want to share anything that I can to lead people to better health and natural wellness.

I read that one of the most toxic environments in our lives is our OWN HOME! Our homes should be our safe and sacred retreats from the world and they shouldn’t be toxic!


You can simply start swapping things out each month. My mentor likes to call this the DITCH & SWITCH! It doesn’t need to be complicated! Just a few simple steps, a little at a time, can change the toxicity in your home and air and create a lasting wellness within your family!

I saw a cool  printable list over on for replacement buying!

Here is a cool video that shows some chemical history and information about every day products.

Over the next few days, I’m going to share some cool facts and information! See ya tomorrow!

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