Support Your Mind and Memory!!


Who doesn’t need mind and memory support? Kinda like who doesn’t need sleep!!

I heard this called, Young Living’s advanced brain wellness serum. That got my attention. And the bonus? The ingredients also support cardiovascular health! BRAIN and HEART!


  1. easy to absorb form of carnitine, a very important nutrient for both the brain and the heart

  2. it promotes our body’s ability to breakdown fats in an efficient way. This is important for the heart because the heart is a muscle that is constantly in motion and requires a lot of energy

  3. the brain also requires a lot of energy

  4. fats are a great source of energy for these organs because you can get more energy out of one molecule of fat then you can out of a protein or carb


  1. provide the body with choloine

  2. choline has two primary functions: helps to build strong cellular membranes that communicate well from outside and inside the cell and it breaks down and provides necessary methyl groups to other molecules in the body. This serves as a major building block of acetyl choline. Which helps lubricate the body and has a role in supporting normal attention and decision making. normal attention and decision making. wow. 


  1. found in almost every cell of the body and is necessary for basic function of the cell

  2. found in high concentrations in the heart, kidney, liver and muscles

  3. helps to convert carbs and fatty acids into ATP, which is the energy currency of the body


  1. longer life in the body and aids in quicker activation

Here is a video from Dr. Jim Bob about MindWise!!! I love how direct Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton is! No confusion!

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