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My Little Love Affair

Y’all, this might get a little steamy… I’m having a love affair. It’s true. I absolutely have fallen in love with this cleaner.

I’m all about natural, no chemicals, but it better smell good and it better actually work. Am I right?? I need something SERIOUS not something wimpy.

I found it. But it was an accident.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I raise and process meat rabbits and chickens. One time, we attempted to process too many chickens at once and it was pretty exhausting and overwhelming and I somehow forgot about 5 chickens, ready to be packaged, so they were not live or anything, but I forgot them in a big ole Yeti cooler.

It was probably about 3 or 4 days until I discovered it, because, I thought, I better just prop the cooler lids open so they don’t get funky. That particular cooler was beyond funky. GROOOOOSSSSSS!

I bleached, scrubbed, soaked, used vinegar, charcoal, you name it, I tried it. I sought opinions from my Facebook friends and tried those and then… someone gave me a partial bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner to try in my kitchen and it smelled so good! But I didn’t even use it. I put it under the sink with the chemicals and went on with my life. Then one day when I was still trying to figure out what to do with this ridiculously priced brand new cooler, I thought of that cleaner. I rinsed the cooler again, filled it with water and poured some in. I didn’t measure, just added some and walked away.

Two days later… NO SMELL!!! I couldn’t believe it. So I checked to see what the ingredients were.


thieves label

The essential oils included are:

  1. Clove: promotes a healthy immune response and may support overall wellness

  2. Lemon: a powerful antioxidant, beneficial for the skin, has cleansing and purifying properties

  3. Cinnamon Bark: promotes a healthy immune response

  4. Eucalyptus: supports the respiratory system

  5. Rosemary: promotes overall well being

This cleaner has earned an important job in my house, in the chicken house, rabbit cages, the interior of the car… it’s safe for everyone, but make sure they always have a way to get away if they want to.

I talk about using it in the chicken house here.

If you are still using harsh chemicals to clean with, it’s very cost effective and simple to replace many cleaners with just this one bottle, which is concentrated and will end up making you like 22 spray bottles at about $1 each. And your family won’t be breathing the chemicals but you’ll be knocking out the funky germs!



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