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Gratitude and Grounding. Do you need a refill?

I’ve had some uprooting and a lot of new in my life the past month. Before that I had a lot of unsettling, dealing with pain, betrayal, loss, all while trying to move and deal with a house sale.

Y’all, I just about lost it. I was doing all I could to hang on the past few years, I have spent so much time just pretending that I was ‘Polly Anna’ and no one wanted to just hear me. I soaked in the tub, I used essential oils, herbs and I was just trying to keep it together. Then I moved. Suddenly I was completely alone. Not one person around me, not anyone needing anything or expecting me to be happy. I just let it all out. I screamed, I cried til I couldn’t anymore, I nursed my heart ache with Coca Cola, I screamed more and had all the meltdowns I wanted. Meltdowns are fine as long you don’t stay down. Allow it to cleanse your mind and emotions of negative junk. Like a detox.


I’m not 100% back, but I’m working on it.  I have found that I push myself way way too hard. I don’t have to accomplish everything today and then another everything tomorrow.  I also need sleep. I am exhausted after all this farming aloneness. Like, my butt is kicked! Going to bed by 9 is the absolute best for me since I love getting up early and I have discovered there is a lot of creepy critters outside after dark, so in my bed asleep is the best spot for me!

I’ve always used Frankincense when I started feeling any emotion building that wasn’t happy. It worked, but I didn’t realize or know about some blends that work BETTER.

I wanted to show my gratitude to those that have stuck around while I was not as present as I wanted to be, so I ordered the essential oil blend, GRATITUDE from Young Living. Cute, right? That’s what I thought! I had NO IDEA of the power it would have. I also stumbled upon the ‘ear chart’ in my saved photos and when I looked closer, saw the emotional ear chart.

I looked closer again and saw SELF PITY and REJECTION. I have some very real, deep connections there. So I applied it to my ears for EMPATHY and GUILT, SELF PITY, REJECTION and started listing 5 things I’m grateful for right then.  Then when I felt OVERWHELMED because I expect too much from myself, I applied it to the outer part of my ear. When the ANGER & HATE bubbled up from betrayal, I applied it to that spot. I just really addressed my emotions. It doesn’t change the actions, but those are in the past and out of my control.

Gratitude Essential Oil Blend Ingredients: 

  1.  Galbanum-used in the Old Testament times to support grounding and meditation

  2. Frankincense-empowering to the inner self and calming properties

  3. Myrrh-moisturizing and soothing properties for skin support and the scent deepens spiritual connections

  4. Ylang Ylang-instills feelings of adoration

  5. Geranium-enhances feelings of peace and spirituality

  6. Bergamot-uplifting and encourages relaxation

  7. Coriander-aids and supports digestion

Gratitude Essential Oil blend can help you deepen your emotional connection and spiritual awareness of life’s blessings! TRY IT!!

After using Gratitude for a couple weeks, I got Grounding as a freebie with my Essential Rewards (ER) order from Young Living. I was like, cool, lets see what this one is about. Why don’t I catch on early and be excited? Cause I guess I’m just human and silly…

Grounded Essential Oil blend is the get you unstuck and moving forward oil blend. Read that again. GET YOU UNSTUCK! How many times do you say, ugh, I feel like I’m stuck or I need to be forward!

Dr Edie Wadsworth posted, “Grounding Essential Oil Blend will stabilize and calm a person or animal on first application.”  She also adds, “this is a good oil for those who make poor choices in relations, work or home because they are in denial of their own reality. Many times this happens because we just don’t know how to deal with the emotional component so we get stuck and can’t move forward. ”

WOW! So much is our mindset and then toss in emotions and it can get to be a tangled mess.

I used the Grounding Essential Oil blend the exact way as I did the Gratitude and I used it at night for no real reason, but y’all, I slept GOOD.  I’ve been using it about an hour before I go to bed and it’s extremely calming!

I used it on the OVERWHELMED placement and the SELF PITY placement when I found the snake all around the chickens feet and it was like 100 feet long and I kinda freaked. It helped me be calm. Usually I am calm until after the situation, but I freaked. I admit it.

Grounding Essential Oil Ingredients: 

  1. Ylang Ylang-can restore confidence and equilibrium

  2. Spruce-grounding and releasing

  3. Cedarwood-sense of security, calming, purifying

  4. Juniper-detoxifies and cleanser, beneficial to the skin, supportive to urinary system

  5. White Fir-very grounding and anchoring, relaxes the body and stimulates the mind

  6. Pine-soothing for muscles and joints

  7. Angelica-oil of angels, provides a feeling of safety and security, emotionally balancing

I’ve realized that every single person struggles in some area, in some way and if this can help even one person, I’ll be so happy!

Try either of these before prayer, meditation, yoga, a walk to unwind… see what happens! And please don’t keep your results a secret, tell us so it helps someone else!

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