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DIY Healing Balm

Remember when we made the herb infused oil?

This is just one of a million things you can use some of that infused oil for!! It’s super easy to create whatever salve or balm you need.


Here’s my recipe:

8 oz of infused oil  1 oz of grated beeswax or pellets    40 drops TOTAL pure essential oils – for this particular recipe, I used 20 drops of Sacred Frankincense and 20 drops of Lavender. Tea Tree and Helichrysum would also be good choices for a healing salve.

  1. put the infused oil in a jar or measuring cup that you can either set in a pot of water or microwave.

  2. add the beeswax to the infused oil and melt

  3. add the essential oils and stir gently

  4. pour into containers

  5. let cool

  6. label, put lids on and store out of direct sunlight

To use:

simply apply to any skin breakouts, rashes, cuts, wounds, etc.

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